A Survivors Story

A Survivors Story: Thoughts on Our Group  Meetings By D.C. (only initials are used to protect the privacy of our victims)

I went to Israel for the second time in August 1997. Two days before I was to return to the states, I had the unfortunate circumstance of becoming a victim of a Hamas Terrorist Bombing in Ben Yehuda, Jerusalem.

I actually saw one of the bombers (he was dress like a woman) but being from NYC, it did not faze me in the least bit that it was out of place. Sometime later (I cannot recall how long) I went from sitting talking to my friend, to sitting on the ground in complete darkness. My eyes were hemorrhaging, and therefore I could not see. I did not hear the other 2 bombs go off because I went into shock. I do remember yelling "someone get me a doctor I need stitches!" I had no idea that I would need a 7.5 hours surgery to reconstruct my left forehead (the skull was completely fractured) and my nose was completely pushed inside my nasal cavity.

They also had to reconstruct the orbit around my left eye.

My injuries: vision in right eye impaired (I have a scar right on the vision cells), right ear drum was perforated (had surgery but earring is about 65%), do not taste or smell completely, nose was broken and reset 3 times, 2nd degree burns on my left arm and both legs, and of course there is the hardest one: Post traumatic stress disorder. This is the one you cannot see or feel...it just "is."

Every day I wake up with a constant reminder of my accident. I can't tell you how many times I have felt alone and still do at times. To meet others that have gone through something similar is a comfort in a weird way.

Thank you Strength to Strength for giving me the opportunity to meet others who understand what I go through daily and I look forward to the next meeting next month.