Color Tal’s Camel Project

Tal Kehrmann loved camels and loved to draw them. She was murdered on March 5, 2003 while on her way home from school riding bus #37 in Haifa, Israel. Tal’s father, Ron, found the last camel she sketched in her diary but did not complete. He decided to start Color Tal’s Camel Project in her memory. To date, over 10,000 camels have been colored in Tal's memory and they can be seen on the website
We are asking kids and adults of all ages around the world to finish what Tal could not. Use your imagination, be creative and finish what Tal started. Color Tal’s Camel. Once completed, we will send the pictures to her family and they will join other pictures completed in memory of Tal on their website. Help keep Tal’s dream alive and join us in honoring her memory by participating in this project.
If you are a school, organization, looking for a special bar/bat mitzvah project or a community interested in participating in this initiative, please contact us by email at for copies of the uncolored camel with Tal's story.
For individuals who are looking to participate in this project, the first Color Tal's Camel iPad App was created. By clicking the link, you can Color Tal's Camel on your iPad and email your finished camel to her family.

Help us keep Tal's memory alive.

Pictures done by other young people for Color Tal’s Camel Project.